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sâmbătă, 14 februarie 2009

episodul 17: ce minciuni...

Urmatoarea dimineata trezit la 7 jumate ca la ora 8 sa merg sa vad ce a patit mama. imbracat , spalat, aranjat si pe la 8 si 10 am plecat. Caut un taxi. De unde taxi la ora 8:))?Merg cu autobuzu'. Ajung pe la 9 si 5 la spital.
"excuse me,in which room is Carmen Enache?"
"let me check"
"of course"
Dupa vreo 10 minute ...
"i'm sorry but in this hospital is no Enache Carmen"
"what?but i received a ticket which says that my mom is here"
"sorry miss. She isn't here"
"well..thanks anyway"
Caut un numar de telefon , ceva , sa o sun pe Sophie ca sa aflu unde e mama:|.
Mai bine o sun pe mama.
"da draga:)). ce faci?"
"poi mama, Sophie mi-a lasat un bilet acasa si a zis ca tu esti la spital si.."
"si ce? te-ai dus la spital sa ma vezi?:)) fii serioasa.."
" se glumeste cu asa ceva"
(ii inchid telefonu in nas si plec spre casa)
Ajung acasa si il aud pe Neigh' cantand la chitara. Urc sus la el cu ochii in lacrimi.
"Hi Neigh'. I'm sorry for last night. I was so tired .I'm so sorry..."
"Well..i am kinda' sad but what happened? why r u cryin'?"
" mom and her friend make a stupid joke and they told me that she is at the hospital and i went there and she was nowhere and when i called her she was laughing and stuff"
( luat in brate si am inceput sa plang si mai tare)
"wow..easy girl"
(si m.a sarutat)
"wow,dude,this kiss was amazing:X"
"feelin' better now lil Peckie?"
"not realy...but ur kiss was awesome. i must lay down. May i?"
"sure baby"
M.a luat de mana si s-a asezat langa mine in pat.M-a sarutat usor pe gat dupa care a urcat la buze si m-a sarutat asa cum nimeni n-a mai facut.o vreodata.Cu cealalta mana ma mangaia usor pe tot corpul,abia ca simteam.Era atat de bine8->.
La un moment dat, a vrut sa.mi bage mana pe sub bluza.
"wow... not now.Please"
"let me take care of u,girl."
"not now Neigh' "
"u'll feel better after."
"but..i can't do it"
"why?let me just take care of u..i won't hurt u."
"are you sure?yiu must know something before ."
"what is it?"
" Romania i have an eight years old son and a dead husband."
"wow.ok... that's in Romania."
"yeah.My old life."
"this is ur new one?"
"let me colour it a lil:X"
"..only if u want it too. I mean...i don't wanna force you"
"i want."
(dar nu s-a intamplat...n-am putut.Mihai era acolo.Copilul lui Dragos.Dragos ma privea de Sus. Nu am putut.Ne-am sarutat si mangaiat unu pe celalalt dupa care am adormit unul in bratele celuilalt)

[Ms RaZOR ca ai stat k mne pana la ora 1 noaptea pe 14 feb 2009 ca sa termin episodu:X:*].
[picture taken by Daniel]

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