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miercuri, 9 iunie 2010

Leapşa ABC...Z

Dacă până acum făceaţi lepşe de plăcere, după leapşa asta cred că vă veţi schimba părerea. E maaare! Foarte mare! Se duce la toţi cei care au tupeul să încerce să o facă pe toată, dar aş dori ca cei care o preluaţi să îmi lăsaţi comentariu aici să mă uit, hihi. Eu o am în Drafts de vreo săptămână cred şi mi-a luat destul de mult timp să mă ocup de ea.

- Available: not

- Age: 15 1/2

- Annoyance: stupid people, injustice

- Allergic: no

- Animal: idk

- Actor: idk

- Beer: beck's

- Birthday/Birthplace: October 27th, Bucharest

- Best Friends: Vlad, Gus, Raluca, Mada, Andreea

- Body Part on opposite sex: heart

- Best feeling in the world: when somebody sais I was right

- Blind or Deaf: deaf

- Best weather: sunny

- Been in Love: still

- Been bitched out?: yes

- Been on stage?: yes

- Believe in yourself?: not really, but yes

- Believe in life on other planets?: yes

- Believe in miracles?: no

- Believe in Magic?: no

- Believe in God?: yes

- Believe in Satan?: idk

- Believe in Santa?: no

- Believe in Ghosts/spirits?: I know they might exist, but I'm not sure

- Believe in Evolution?: yes

- Car: Audi, it depends

- Color: yellow or blue

- Cried in school: yes

- Chocolate/Vanilla: chocolate

- Chinese/Mexican: mexican

- Cake or pie: cake

- Countries to visit: Brasil, Maroc, Australia

- Day or Night: late night

- Dream vehicle: a car which transforms into everything: a plane, a boat, a spaceship

- Danced: yes, for 2-3 years I don't remember exactely

- Dance in the rain?: yes

- Dance in the middle of the street?: yes :))

- Do the splits?: yes

- Eyes: expressive

- Everyone has: strenghts and weaknesses

- Ever failed a class?: no

- First crush: 8th grade

- Full name: Diana D. Terevlej

- First thoughts waking up: "Fuck! School, again?!"

- Food: everything which does not have spiders, snake/horse meat, beaf etc

- Greatest Fear: death

- Giver or taker: both

- Goals: be the best at what I do and live by my rules

- Gum: Five Cobalt

- Get along with your parents?: 69% of the time

- Good luck charms: idk

- Hair Colour: dark brown

- Height: 160, more or less

- Happy: idk

- Holidays: adrenaline

- How do you want to die: suddenly

- Health freak?: no

- Hate: sometimes everything

(In guys/girls)
- Eye colour: no matter

- Hair Color: no matter

- Height: tall enough

- Clothing Style: everything excepting GIGOLO ITALIANO style

- Characteristics: intelligent, spontaneous, straight, trusty

- Ice Cream: no matter, it's ice cream, baby!

- Instrument: idk

- Jewelry: not a fan

- Job: idk, too young to think about this

- Kids: not in my plans for the moment, but 3, in the future

- Kickboxing or karate: both

- Keep a journal?: my blog

- Longest Car Ride: i can't remember

- Love: yes

- Letter: A, D, M, V

- Laughed so hard you cried: yes

- Love at first sight: yes

- Milk flavour: pass

- Movie: American Pie

- Mooned anyone?: oh no no

- Marriage: I'm not thinking about it now

- Motion sickness?: no

- McD’s or BK: Mc

- Number of Siblings: none

- Number of Piercings: no

- Number: 3

- Overused Phrases: 'gen(...)'/'hai baa'/'ba, esti bulangiu?'/'vorbesc la telefonn!' etc

- One wish: idk

- One phobia: idk

- Place you’d like to live: US/Australia

- Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi, always :X

- Quail: WTFBBQ?!

- Questionnaires: boring and useless, just like this one

- Reason to cry: anger/ love

- Reality T.V.: oh no

- Radio Station: VIBE FM

- Song: ohohohohoh, I can't name just one.

- Shoe size: 5

- Sushi: no

- Skipped school: a lot

- Slept outside: at the countryside

- Seen a dead body?: yes

- Smoked?: yes

- Shower daily?: yes

- Sing well?: no

- In the shower?: sometimes

- Swear?: no

- Single/Group dates: single

- Strawberries/Blueberries: blueberries

- Time for bed: when I'm sleepy

- Thunderstorms: they used to terrify me as a child

- Touch your tongue to your nose?: idk. probably not.

- Unpredictable: yes

- Under the influence?: i try not to

- Understanding?: sometimes

- Vegetable you hate: idk

- Vegetable you love: idk

- Vacation spot: everywhere excepting home

- Weakness: a lot

- When you grow up: I’ll do my best

- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Gus

- Who makes you laugh the most: Gus

- Worst feeling: rejection

- Wanted to be a model?: never

- Where do we go when we die: under the ground, eaten by the worms, HaHaHa

- Worst weather: storms

- Walk with a book on your head?: when I first bought heels

- X-Rays: pass

-Year it is now: 2010

-Yellow: jealousy

- Zoo animal: zebra

- Zodiac sign: scorpio

1. Slept in a bed beside you?: Gus and Andrei R.[and Ana somewhere in the bed, near Andrei R.]
2. Last person to see you cry?: nobody
3. Went to the movies with you?: classmates
4. You went to the mall with?: classmates
5. You went to dinner with?: Raluca, I guess
6. You talked to on the phone?: Goghy
7. Made you laugh?: Gus

Cam asta e. Cum vi se pare?
V-am pupat!

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