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sâmbătă, 19 iunie 2010


Am intrat pe Urban Dictionary si am căutat definiţia numelui meu. Culmea, ceea ce scrie este adevărat.

The sweetest girl you've ever met. She's smart, beautiful, playful, caring, lovely.
She has very beautiful, mysterious eyes.
She's very witty and ironic at times but this is just a mask.

She can be the best friend you've ever had.
She's a delight in bed, always trying new things and making everything more passionate and intense.

However, if you upset her she may never speak to you ever again.

She is crazy and gets easily bored. Always looking for new things to do.
She can make your life much better and brighter.

Love her. It's all she wants...she'll love you back.:)


E ca o leapşă pe care o lansez: Să intraţi aici, să vă scrieţi numele în căsuţa de search şi să ne arătaţi şi nouă ce spune dicţionarul despre voi.


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