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duminică, 26 septembrie 2010


Am intarziat putin cu postul cu numarul 300 din acest an, deoarece am vrut sa fie special. Dar cum contabilitatea imi ia cam toata creativitatea, am decis sa nu scriu un articol lung, pe care nu l-ati citi pana la capat. Asadar, incepand cu acest post, ceea ce voi scrie va fi tradus si in engleza, pentru ca am vazut ca am cativa cititori si din afara. 

V-am pupat!


Ok, I know I delayed a little with the 300th post of this year, because I wanted it to be special. Unfortunately, the Accountancy classes at school have "stolen" most of my creativity, so I decided not to write a big, long article, that you'd probably not read till the end. So, begining with this post, most of the articles I'll write here will be translated into English, by me, of course, because I've noticed that there are some people from abroad who are reading me. Hope it'll be useful :D Cheers!

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